Faculty of Population Health Sciences

Welcome to this course on 'a practical guide on effective online teaching'. This course has been designed for use by any teaching professionals looking to move their teaching online - either in full or in part. It is designed to be reviewed as and when you need advice or support on moving your course effectively online, and to provide 'quick and simple' instructions on exactly how to create your module in an easily accessible format.

 This course provides an introduction to:

  • How to create online content that fits with inclusivity guidelines, is effective, and easy to follow.

  • Step by step, how to use software such as powerpoint, audacity, MovieMaker, and H5P to create your course.

  • How to encourage group learning online

  • How to receive interactive content from external lecturers

 Our aim is that by the end of the course you should understand how to use commonly available resources and software to develop an interactive and effective online course. The course itself can also be used as a template or example for how to structure your online course.

This course is self-enrolment, and free to all staff. If you can't access the course, please contact me at j.mcgowan.12@ucl.ac.uk

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