SSESS_SHS: SSEES - Social Sciences

This Moodle page serves academics at SSEES in their transition to online teaching in three ways:

  • As a template: its structure and look are in line with the connected learning principles, so feel free to use its structure as an inspiration for revamping your own Moodle pages. If you see any item or idea that you like, feel free to copy/tweak it to your purposes. 
  • As a hub: each section ends with a discussion board where all of you are invited to contribute an opinion on what worked and what did not and how effective it could be for this or that educational purpose.
  • As a testing ground: each section is a place where various Moodle apps, organizational structures, assessment techniques, a-synch tools etc. can be tried out, with your colleagues functioning in the role of students (more on that below).

Provide a short description of the course here so that students can see what it covers if they search for it and can distinguish it from modules with a similar title.