CASA: Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis

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This module teaches you how to create spatial data visualisations from scratch; understand cartographic design principles; and to build 2D and 3D interactive data visualisations using web technologies. The Digital Visualisation Module is a key part of CASA’s MSc and MRes Spatial Data Science and Visualisation programs.
The purpose of these modules is to provide students with both the technical and critical skills required for the treatment, analysis and presentation of spatial datasets. In line with this objective, both courses is divided into three main themes, Database Design, Data Analysis and Interactive Visualisation through a website.
This module will introduce students to the design and use of agent-based models (ABMs) in a variety of urban analytical contexts. The course will employ a hands-on approach, with practical sessions guiding students through the construction of example models, building up to producing their own simulations and using them to conduct experiments.