UCL-Q_INT: UCL Qatar (Miscellaneous)
LIS study trip to India 2019

Knowledge about and skills in the management of metadata is a key requirement of information professionals. The course will discuss the importance of metadata and associated standards and applications. Three sessions of the course are dedicated to acquiring familiarity with XML. Students will learn how to encode information in XML, using various metadata schemas and map information between them.


The digital holdings of libraries, archives and museums as well as companies or government agencies are increasingly valued as data sources themselves and the curation of (research or business) data sets is an emerging area for information professionals. The course will address the associated challenges and introduce the R environment to students. 


Buzzwords surrounding data are unpicked and the current and possible future impact of evolving data technologies like text mining or machine learning will be discussed.


Integrated into the course is a segment by a visiting lecturer about the management of electronic resources in libraries. The two sessions will look at the technical and organisational requirements, discuss changes in the publishing landscape and will simulate negotiations with vendors.