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This course provides an overview of the economics of innovation through a selected exposition of issues at micro, mezzo and macro levels. Knowledge of these issues is based on a variety of heterodox approaches to economics (neo-Schumpeterian, evolutionary), history of economic thought and some understanding of adjacent disciplines (engineering, psychology, sociology).

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This course is for those interested in employment in the consulting sector. It allows to develop business analytics and political risks reporting skills. You will meet practitioners in the field and learn about their careers. You will prepare comparative reports that could be presented as a sample of your analytical skills at job interviews.
A former student said:
"I have just started a new job at the UK Government’s Joint Anti-Corruption Unit, which is responsible for British Government anti-corruption policy. I’m sure I wouldn't have got the job without the experience I was able to point to as a result of having taken your module, and completing the corruption risks report (which I did on the BRICS countries) - so thank you again! In particular, it was incredibly useful to see the theoretical aspects of the course put into a practical context with the guest speakers every week, and really opened my eyes to the career prospects out there in the field, many of which I was previously unaware."