Consent is understood as agreeing by choice, and having the freedom and capacity to make that choice. A person is free to make a choice if nothing bad would happen to them if they said no. A person has the capacity to make a choice when they can physically and mentally understand the consequences of that choice.

The bottom line is – sex without consent, is not sex, its sexual violence.

To ensure all students are aware the meaning of consent and to practice safe and consensual sex, UCL in partnership with Rape Crisis has produced this consent module.

We understand that this conversation may not have been had, or may not have been delivered in a way that resonated with members of our community: but it is critical we have it. 

Support for students affected by sexual violence

Please note that the training covers some difficult subjects. If you’ve been affected by sexual violence or any of the issues raised in the training, be aware that there’s support available for you.

The easiest way to access support is to attend a Student Support and Wellbeing drop-in session. These take place every day on Floor 1 of the Student Centre. No appointment is needed, and you’ll be able to speak to one of our trained advisers who can talk you through the support options available.

Find out more about the drop-in sessions, including opening times.

UCL works closely with Rape Crisis and SurvivorsUK to offer specialist support to any students affected by sexual violence, which is often available on campus.

Students can also report any incidents of sexual violence, harassment or bullying through the Report + Support online tool. Reporting helps us build up a more accurate picture of the situation at UCL, and take appropriate action.

Access Report + Support.

Training course of undergraduate Transition Mentors supporting groups of first year mentees. 
Admin of programme; boundaries and duties of your roles; facilitation tips; inclusive practice.

The Transition Programme supports all first year students in their transition to university. Transiting to university can be a particularly stressful time for students, especially now as we adapt to the 'new normal'. The program helps students as they adapt to a new way of life and  academic demands.