Faculty of Population Health Sciences.  

Did you know that if you travel on the Tube in London from Westminster to Canning Town life expectancy falls by one year for every stop that you pass? Does this bother you? Find out how to identify these and other inequalities in health on the Data Science, Health and Wellbeing Summer School at UCL. You will learn about what we mean by health and wellbeing in a global context, how to measure health, and what the social factors are that determine our health and wellbeing. This summer school will also equip you with transferable skills in data analytics that are sought after by graduate employers across different sectors. You will learn how to calculate descriptive statistics of health and socioeconomic data, compute mortality rates for England and Wales, and create data visualisations to showcase your findings through the use of Excel. Working in small groups you will conduct a research project using data from London and other districts in England to show how health and wellbeing varies by population groups.

In addition to lectures, seminars and computer classes, you will have the chance to visit museums that tell the story of our health today and in the past, including the Wellcome Collection and Grant Museum of Zoology. Tours of significant sites will showcase London’s unique history and setting when it comes to public health and the improved health of its inhabitants over time.

Students will go away with transferable skills in data analytics that are sought after by graduate employers. The Summer School will be of interest to those currently studying geography, psychology, government and politics, economics and sociology as well as those studying physical sciences but interested in studying a social science degree.

Faculty of Population Health Sciences module.