SEEY: Serbian and Croatian

Ivo Andrić (1892-1975) is a major twentieth-century European writer, awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1961. Although most of his novels and stories are set in his native Bosnia, and during Ottoman rule, the contemporary reader discovers timeless and universal meanings beneath their apparent exoticism. Born in Bosnia, having studied in Vienna and Krakow and having lived in several European cities as a Yugoslav diplomat between the two wars, Andrić was well placed to observe the clashes of Europe’s ‘short twentieth century’. 


This course focuses on Andrić’s stories not contained in other courses in Serbian/Croatian literature at SSEES, offering the students an opportunity to acquire a general overview of his work. We will read two novels and a selection of seven stories. In addition to that, by interpreting the two essays on the Spanish painter Goya we will try to understand Andrić’s ideas of the nature of art and the role of artist.