The programme is designed to improve psychological resilience and wellbeing. Students are introduced to ‘Mixed Mental Arts’, a toolbox of 12 practical mindfulness-based techniques that transform how they manage stress and adversity by improving their relationship with thoughts and emotions.

These practical techniques address how to calm an anxious mind, manage the body's stress response, develop meta-cognition, mitigate intrusive thoughts, self-regulate in high-pressure situations, be with difficult emotions, relax the body, and self-generate positive emotional states.

The course is a preventative programme aimed at equipping you with the cognitive and emotional skills to navigate the challenges you face skillfully and sustainably, to prevent overwhelm, and mitigate the likelihood of more serious stages of mental health deterioration. As such it is not appropriate for anyone with a clinical mental health diagnosis or currently experiencing severe mental health problems. If you are in doubt about whether this course is suitable for you, please don’t hesitate to contact

The course is free to IOE students and delivered over 6x 1-hour modules.

  • Wed 12 Feb 3-4 pm: Session 1: Breaking our Addiction to Thought
  • Wed 26 Feb 3-4 pm: Session 2: Hacking Our Body’s Stress Response
  • Wed 4 Mar 3-4 pm: Session 3: Neutralising Unhelpful Thought Pattern
  • Wed 11 Mar 3-4 pm: Session 4: Navigating Overwhelming Experiences
  • Wed 18 Mar 3-4 pm: Session 5: Re-Learning Relaxation
  • Wed 25 Mar 3-4 pm: Session 6: Reclaiming Emotional Autonomy

Course Delivery: Wed 12th February to Wed 25th March 3-4 pm. The last two session will take place in the online environment through Blackboard Collaborate platform in Moodle.

Attendance to each of the sessions will be registered and a certification of completion will be administered to students upon satisfactory attendance on the programme. This certificate can be included in your CV.