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Flash support ending by 2020, does this affect your Moodle?

Flash support ending by 2020, does this affect your Moodle?

by Anisa Patel -
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As you may be aware browsers are in the final stages of stopping support for Flash content and some already actively disabled flash as a default. This will consequently affect any courses on Moodle which contain flash content such as SCORM packages, embedded flash activities and other Flash content. We therefore would suggest that you replace any flash content as soon as possible to avoid any issues.  


We would advise that if your Moodle courses are using flash SCORM packages, it may be worth going back to the content provider to ask them to supply you with a replacement HTML5 Version of this or look at other avenues of creating this content. H5P is a good alternative to Flash and SCORM-based content which makes the process of both creating and maintaining rich, interactive content much quicker and easier. Please read the H5P guide linked for more details.

If you have any questions or are unsure about whether your course contains Flash content, please contact us on and we will check for you.


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