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New Reading List Plugin now available

New Reading List Plugin now available

by Kolil Ullah -
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Dear Users,

We would like to make you aware that we have now successfully implemented the new Reading List Plugin and you will now be able to add your Reading Lists to your Modules/Courses on Moodle. To set up your new reading lists please use the following guidance to add Reading Lists.

Please note all your old reading lists which you previously set up in Moodle within your course using the Old Reading List activity are broken and do not display any readings. We will be removing the old reading list plugin on Friday 20th September, which means any existing lists which are in your course topics will be removed from your course as these no longer function. We are not removing them immediately to allow you to have a look at where you placed your reading lists within your course. Currently your old reading lists do not show which readings you have linked but you might have some blurb which you want to copy as below:

Reading Lists Plugin

Any Reading List blocks which you have set up will not be affected and should carry on working as usual. Please have a look at the Reading Lists blog by the Library which details more information:

For help please get in touch with the reading lists team by email or telephone, or attend one of their Wednesday afternoon drop-in sessions. Library are also very happy to visit you at your desk for a quick set up!

Best Wishes

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