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Global Portico Deactivation - Tuesday 5th March 2019

Global Portico Deactivation - Tuesday 5th March 2019

by Janice Kiugu -
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Please note, Portico enrolments will be globally deactivated on New Moodle on Tuesday 5th March 2019.

How will this impact students on your course (s) ?

  •     Students who are already enrolled on a Moodle course WILL continue to have access to their course (s) and WILL NOT be unenrolled.
  •     Students enrolling on Portico after the deactivation WILL NOT be automatically enrolled onto the corresponding Moodle course. Students can still be manually enrolled.
  •     Students who leave the course WILL NOT be automatically un-enrollled

Please see our blog post for more detailed information.

Please email or call 0207 679 5000 (internal 25000) if you have any queries.

The Digital Education team